original [ə rij′i nəl]
[OFr < L originalis]
1. having to do with an origin; first; earliest
2. never having occurred or existed before; fresh; new; novel
3. capable of or given to inventing or creating something new, or thinking or acting in an independent, individual, fresh way
4. coming from someone as the originator, maker, author, etc.
5. being that from which reproductions, copies, etc. have been made
[Fr < the adj.]
1. a pristine form or primary type that has given rise to varieties
2. an original work, as of art or literature, as distinguished from a reproduction, copy, etc.
3. the person or thing represented in a painting or the like
a) a person with an original and creative mind
b) Archaic an eccentric person
5. Archaic an originator

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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